Psyfi 2018 | Festipi 2P M

Want to stay comfortable during the festival? The Festipi is the ultimate festival tent. With all the positive elements of a traditional tipi. Including the perfect air circulation that ensures you that in cold weather the tipi is more warm and in hot weather the tent remains pleasantly cool.

You also have the convenience of the height of this tent, so you can just stand (read: more than 2.5 meters high). The experience of this tent with the amazing artwork ensures you that the party on the festival is ultimate. The Festipi Two Persons M is a Tipi tent with a diameter of 2.5 meters. Ideal for 2 people.

What’s in the tent:

  • Thick Dreamcatcher 7.0 SI sleeping mats
  • Thick Nomad Bronco sleeping bags
  • Soft pillows including pillowcases
  • (Optional) Real cowskin on the floor

Best festival ever with Festipi


Best five days in my life! Thank you for every amazing experiences. People were nice, pure, high af lol It was like a paradise!!! I went with my best friend from Japan, we both went to Tomorrowland this year too but psyfi was much more better our opinion. Because of nature people and music. Vinivici played different from tml it was incredible. Liquid soul was amazing. I wanted a laser tho but even without laser stage was cool and trippy. I couldn’t find any information about payment methods for food and clothes on homepage. So we needed to withdraw cash a lot... Toilet and shower was clean for me. Tent was ok. Phone charge place seems mall. I found a guy I want to spend my life with at psyfi. I will definitely come back to psyfi with my bestie, that guy and other incredible friends 100% sure!!!!!!! Arigato ;)

Super fijne tent op een fijn festival


We hebben ontzettend genoten van ons weekendverblijf op Psy-Fi festival 2018 in een medium Festipi. De tipi's waren super kleurrijk en vrolijk, stonden ruim opgesteld op een leuk veldje. Ze stonden wat dicht bij de Alternative stage, maar gelukkig ging die in de nacht en ochtend naar een laag volume. Het tentenveld was verder rustig gedurende de dag en nacht, weinig overlast van terugkomende feestgangers. De tent zelf was fijn ingericht met schone matjes, slaapzakken en kussens. Niet super ruim, maar prima om twee tassen in kwijt te kunnen en te slapen. De mensen van Festipi waren vriendelijk en behulpzaam. We hebben er niets op aan te merken, zouden zo weer boeken!

I like it


Entrance is far from Festipi But there really chill n close to toilet Tent r so cute! I like it! I wanna go to Psyfi next year too

First time in Europe at Psy-Fi in a Festipi


From Argentina i came to Psy-Fi festival looking for the best experience; and i found it. It's a chance to meet lovely people and dancing like ancient times. We even had a lounge room which was a big tipi were all people could chillout and talk afterparty.

Nice but noisy…


Not everybody can afford to pay the double of the price of the entrance to stay in a tipi "resort"... My friend did, because she wanted a chill place where she could rest quiet and comfortable due to her back problems... I was invited to stay with her... Our experience with Festipi was ok... the matresses and sleeping bags where perfect for the weather... The tipi maybe a bit too small for the price, and too close one from another, but it was enough, and waterproof!! (important for Holland's weather)... The worst thing was the location... Next to the alternative stage... We don't like dark music and its vibrations, so we had to stay at "Mordor" those 5 days, due to the last minute changes from the festival... 5 dixies for all the tipi camp (from where I was kicked out by the aggressive WC cleaners at 8 am while I was "evacuating"), and no showers... Not nice, as it gives the impression that once we have paid, the festival do not care for our staying comfort... So maybe, "Resort" is not a propper word for the tipi camp at PsyFi... If my friend would have known that in advance, she wouldn't have spent all that money... So please, make sure for future editions, you find from the beginning a place where people can rest and live quietly during the fest... maybe away from the stages or closer to the chill out... Thank You!!

Lovely time & great team!


We had an amazing time at Psyfi this year. The Festipi itself and the whole organization were great. The tipi was everything we needed, with good sleeping mats & sleeping bags waiting for us. The Festipi team makes sure your stay is comfortable and even serves coffee in the morning. The only negative thing was the location behind the alternative stage, where the music was playing for 24 hours a day. But this is something beyond the control of the festipi guys.

All in all a great stay


Tipi and bedding was excellent and the staff were very helpful. Only problem was the noise from the Alternative Stage at night. The staff explained was due to a late change made to the allowable noise from that stage made by the festival organisers at the last minute and so out of the control of Festitribe.

Perfect Solution for beginners and pros


Me and my wife have never gone to a festival with camping before and we almost didn't because of the hassle to bring all the gear from Sweden to the Netherlands. But then we found the Festipi accommodation option and it was settled, we booked it right away! The tent was good sized for a couple, dry and also fairly warm at night. Sleeping bags/pillows where clean and fresh, the nomad-mattresses were surprisingly comfy! (my wife is kind of picky as well but no complaints there!) The super friendly staff and the big lounge-tent in which you could hang out with other Festipi-guest from all over the world was a huge plus! We are already looking forward to next year! See you there <3

If Carlsberg did Festivals ….


Damn, I slept better in the Festipi than I do in my own bed at home. This was an amazing experience, the accommodation was fab, the staff super friendly and helpful, and the neighbours were all equally crazy and thrilled to be there. Thanks for making our stay enjoyable and fun, and we’re already looking forward to 2019!

Realy great stay and service at Festipi on Psy-fi!


I ordered an Tipi for the Psy-fi festival and I must say it was amazing to stay there. I was alone in a 2 man M Tipi. There was more than enough space to sleep and I could also stand in the middle of the tent. The sleeping bags, matress and also the pillow were clean and I have really nothing to complain. I also didn't get wet inside. Everything was dry and clean. The quality of the Tipi is very good so you have to be really violent to damage something. I enjoyed the stay very much and would book the tipi again (I must say that they're looking cool too :D ). It's a great thing for traveling because I did't had to carry my own tent the whole way in the train :) So thanks for the nice and very frendly service and see you next year hopefully again.