More expensive by the year

More expensive by the year


Attended Melt! Festival for the fifth time. Over the years, the festival changed quite a bit in line-up and pricing.

The Good:
– Ticket price, especially loyalty tickets.
– Cheap beer. €1.50 for half a liter of cold beer.
– Cheap soft drinks.
– Amazing lighting & location
– Amazing people
– Pornceptual stage
– Forest/beach stages
– Cashless payment system is superb. Ability to top up your bracelet through your phone is great.
– Best showers I’ve ever seen at a festival.

The Bad:
– Who the hell picked this generic bullshit brand of beer from Hamburg. Seriously, it’s undrinkable. Get Warsteiner back. Get extra coolers, beer sometimes not properly cooled.
– Place to get drinks is way to small. There’s HUGE lines during the day to get drinks.
– Place to get breakfast is way to small. Huge lines during the morning.
– Put a higher standard on the food served at the camping. The finger food and Asian food look and taste disgusting.
– Prices for food have been jacked up throughout the years. Quality of food on camping is sub par.
– There used to be a big Warsteiner stage on the campsite, probably sponsored. Get it back. It was a great place to dance during the day.
– Big Wheel stage has been ruined. DJ stage was too low and in a weird position. Put it back the way it was and throw out that stupid podium in the center.
– Some parts of the campsite need platforms. I’ve seen several people fall because of rocks.
– Spot to get water is too far away.
– Put some soap in the sanitary building. I want to wash my hands after taking a dump.
– Dixies at Melt! Festival are the worst ever.
– The artist ‘Arca’. The one who booked this horrendous act should be fired.

Had a great weekend, but Melt! Festival isn’t as great as it used to be.

Review about Melt! Festival, 2019 edition

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